Cosplay and Convention Photography

Hello fellow cosplayer! I'm a cosplayer myself (check out me out - It's Kitty! Cosplay) so I know just what you're looking for in a cool cosplay photo!


You've worked so hard putting together your cosplay to bring this character to life, and I want to capture it! A great cosplay photo can make you feel beautiful, badass or both and I here for all of it! Check out my work to see what I can do for you. 


Convention shoots:

Shoots that take place at a convention. Can be a little trickier with the con environment but we can usually find a good area out of the way of background characters! Background replacements also available. 

Convention Pricing

Preview (4).jpg

Quick Shoot


15 Minutes​ - $35


  • Minimum 3-5 edited photos

  • Preview pic within 24 hours 

Standard Shoot


30 Minutes​ - $55


  • Minimum 5-7 edited photos

  • Preview pic within 24 hours

60 Minutes​ - $85


  • At least 10-12 edited photos

  • Preview pic within 24 hours

Group Shoot


Timing Depends on Group Size​ - Starts at $75


  • # of photos depends on group size. 

  • Individual and group shots

  • One preview group pic within 24 hours


Currently open for the following times:


Friday slots: Between 11am - 4pm

Saturday slots: None, sorry!

Sunday slots: Between 11am - 4pm 

If interested, fill out the form to inquire! 

ACEN Bookings


Shoots that take place at a location other than a convention such as outdoors or at a studio or other venue. Provides more diverse and interesting environments but can be dependent on the weather, may require permits or be subject to bystanders and on lookers! 

On location shoots:

On location Pricing


Pricing is based on the amount of characters. This will also determine the timing of the shoot as well. General pricing and time lines are listed below. These are just general starting points, I can always customize it just for you and your needs!

Included in all packages!

  • Preview pic within 24 hours

  • Dedicated Pinterest board to share ideas



Starts at $50


  • 1 Person

  • 7-10 photos total

  • Around 1 hour


Duos and Trios

Starts at $75


  • 2- 3 People

  • 14 - 25 photos total depending on # of characters.

  • At least 5 individual photos of each character

  • At least 3 Full group shots



Starts at $120


  • 4-8 People

  • 25-50 Photos depending on # of characters.

  • At least 4 individual photos of each character

  • At least 3 full group shots

  • Other pairings and groups as time permits

Let's do this!


Submit this form to get in touch for a quote and to get started booking your own magical character shoot! 

Don't have all the details of your shoot yet? That's ok! We can sort the fine details out later, this is just the initial inquiry!