About Me

Kitty Wolf

Originally from North Carolina, I moved to Chicago to attend the School of the Art Institute (SAIC). I've taken a variety of classes there from robotics, fashion, sculpture, puppetry, mask making, animation and of course, photography. These classes have made me well rounded and versatile as an artist. 



As a fellow cosplayer (and total nerd) my foray into cosplay photography is a natural one. Being a cosplayer as well gives me unique insight into what makes a good cosplay photo and what you as the cosplay and creator are looking for!

You will most likely meet me at a convention as a cosplayer, but whether I am in front of or behind the camera, come say hi!

Some of my favorite fandoms are Star Wars, Disney, various Animes, Firefly and Legend of Zelda. My favorite to cosplay is K/DA Akali from League of Legends!

Check out my cosplay site here: It's Kitty! Cosplay

Princess Company Owner

In 2012 I started my own company, Princesscapades Princess Parties, for which I provided much of the photos. This has given me excellent experience not only in character photography but also in business ownership. I closed my business in 2019 to pursue other ventures (such as photography!)


Since I was a princess party business owner for so many years, I know just what fellow owners need their photos to do!

Photo Activist
Is a photo activist a thing? I'm making a thing...

Some of you may have found my site due to mt project that went viral in 2019/2020 called The Boys Can Be Princesses Too Project. I am extremely proud of this project and the conversation it started.  I had no idea a photo series could make such an impact and thus I am eager to do more, similar photo shoots!

What's next from me in that realm? Well, you'll just have to wait and "sea!" ;)

Click here more information on the Boys Can Be Princesses Too Project.