Snowy Photo Sessions Event!

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The snowy season is upon us!


Join me February 27th to take advantage of this winter wonderland and get some incredible shots of your character out in the elements! Great for a variety of characters from princesses and fairy tale characters to video game and movie characters. Colors really pop out there in the snow!  

(See my tips below for how to a have successful and comfortable "snowto" shoot!)


Saturday, February 27th
Pick a time slot between 6am - 6pm 

(Sunrise 6:30am; Sunset 5:30pm)


Rain date: March 6th (tentative)


Labagh Woods

West Foster Avenue, N Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60630


30 Minutes - $50

  • 5-7 edited photos 

  • $15 per extra person

1 Hour - $100

  • 10-12 edited photos 

  • $30 per extra person

50% of total due at time of booking as non-refundable deposit

My COVID-19 Rules for Photoshoots:

  • Outdoor shoots only.

  • 4 people or less (including any assistants or guests).

  • Remain 6ft apart as much as possible.

  • Masks worn by everyone (including myself) not being photographed.

  • Do not attend if experiencing any symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat.

  • Do not attend if you've been in contact with anyone with COVID in last 2 weeks.

  • Do not attend if you have tested positive for COVID obviously. Come on now lol.

  • Postpone for no additional fee if for health reasons.

Cold Weather Shoot Tips!

I have been the cosplayer in a few snowy shoots of my own and would love to share some tips on how to make it a success for you!

  • Layers!

    • How much can you layer up under your costume?​

    • Long sleeve shirts, leggings, gloves, socks.

  • Nude fleece tights​​

    • Fleece tights in your skin color will help with characters that show legs! ​

  • Nude fleece under shirt

    • Like the tights, it'll help for characters that show arms.​

  • Wear boots

    • Does your costume cover your feet? Wear boots instead of costume shoes! You can even brings shoes to switch out into if we need a few shots that show feet (like twirls!)​

  • Bring a coat or blanket​​

    • You'll want to throw it on to keep warm between shots, while I'm changing lens or while we move locations​

  • Hand and foot warmers

    • These are little packets that heat up that you can put in your gloves, shots, pockets, etc. ​

    • Careful not to put them directly against your skin

    • Activate them 15 minutes before the shoot starts; they take awhile to warm up.

    • I've seen them for sale at Dollar Tree!

  • Bring a thermos with a warm drink

    • Hot chocolate, coffee or tea kept warm in to a thermos or bottle will do wonders!​

  • Keep it short if needed

    • Keep your own cold tolerance in mind when booking your shoot!

    • Don't worry about me, I can be out there all day! 

  • Winterize your character!

    • Get creative and make a winter version of your character! What would they look like in cold weather clothes? Build the warmth right into your costume! ​

    • Cloaks, faux fur, gloves, hats, boots, and more!


Book now!

Questions? Feel free to contact me at